Pandora Disney Charms
Pandora Disney Charms
Pandora Disney Belles Signature Color Charm
The sunny-yellow color of this authentic Italian Murano glass Belle's Signature Color Disney charm i..
Pandora Disney Cinderella Sparkling Slipper Charm
Cinderella's famous glass slipper is captured in a cute silver dangle charm, embellished with 59 pav..
Pandora Disney Cinderellas Dream Charm
"A dream is a wish your heart makes" Add this inspirational, star-embellished Cinderella's Dream hea..
Pandora Disney Cinderellas Dress Charm
This delightful Cinderella's Dress Disney charm is inspired by the stunning ball gown gifted to Cind..
Pandora Disney Cinderellas Pumpkin Coach Charm
Created through the magic of her Fairy Godmother, the pumpkin coach plays a crucial role in carrying..
Pandora Disney Cinderellas Signature Color Charm
The striking blue color of this radiant Murano glass design, inspired by the ball gown worn by Cinde..
Pandora Disney Cinderellas Tiara Charm
Cinderella's Tiara with elegant filigree heart details captures the kindness of Cinderella and the b..
Pandora Disney Cinderellas Wish Charm
The stunning and intricate design of Cinderella's Wish charm encrusted with 63 sparkling stones in a..
Pandora Disney Classic Mickey Charm
Classic Mickey Disney Charm with Mickey Mouse detail in black Murano glass with a sterling silver co..
Pandora Disney Classic Minnie Charm
Classic Minnie Disney Charm with black, red, and white Minnie Mouse detail in Murano glass with a st..
Pandora Disney Eeyore Charm
Just like the animated version, this sculptural charm version of Eeyore is embellished with a bright..
Pandora Disney Elsas Crown Charm
This sophisticated charm is inspired by the stunning crown worn by Queen Elsa at her coronation cere..
Pandora Disney Elsas Dress Charm
This graceful dress is a beautiful representation of the crystal-blue dress worn by Elsa in the Dis..
Pandora Disney Elsas Signature Color Charm
The elegant light-blue color of Elsa's Signature Color authentic Italian Murano glass charm portrays..
Pandora Disney Frozen Snowflake Pendant Charm
A wonderful depiction of a glittery snowflake, this dazzling pendant charm will be eye-catching on b..
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